Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Berlin Memorial

I learn that through out 1933- 1942 many laws were placed on hews. In the beginning of the years Nazis banned Jews from work places or activities. For example Jews were expelled from playing in sports clubs and German chess club. By 1939 Jews started to have curfews and not allowed to leave there homes so that was a big issue. In 1942 things were worst Jews had food banned from them and they couldn’t have some important food.

The monument was built to show people how important this part of history was. It shows what the Jews had to go through during the Holocaust. It shows because it gives the real laws and has a picture to represent the law and how it effected people. Also it represents a devastating time when people had to lose so many things to make others feel more powerful.

I noticed that throughout the years there were many different laws passed. When it first began in 193d many Jews were banned from activists or jobs. Later on in the years Jews had restrictions on them and couldn’t go to certain areas. Also children were not allowed to go to public school, they had to go to a school with only Jews. By 1942 the laws were more harsh, Jews were not allowed to have many things that were useful. Like Food, shelter, special items.

A restriction I would have trouble with would be that you were not allowed to have pets. This would be a hard one for me because I loved my dog. My dog Cujo meant everything to me because I had him for a long time and it would be devastating to know he would get taken and be killed. Another restriction that would be hard is that they were not allowed to use public transportation. This would be hard because it would be hard for me to get around places and if they were far from where I live.

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