Friday, January 10, 2020

The Secret War

So far in my book I read about how when Germans,Japanese,and U.S were  preparing for war some people were spies for each other. There was a man named Admiral Wilhelm Canaris was in the German army. People think he helped his allies because he thought Hitler and his Nazi party was bad for Germany. “ Canaris presided over an organization with three main arms.  Abwehr I was the espionage arm, collecting information from German and foreign who operated in the major cities of Europe, the Near East and the United States.” Canaris decided to spy on his own people because he didn’t like how Hitler and the Nazi party was.  Many other people were spies too. For example, Ogawa set up networks to spy on Hawaii so he had more information on the fleet. Even committees were putting German spies out of business so they can work for the British.

Something I found interesting was how the Japanese wanted to work with blacks just to have trouble with the United States. “ The Japanese hopes the work with the blacks would lead to racial troubles that, as one of their messages to Tokyo put it, would ‘stall the program of U.S. plans for national defense.’ Terasaki people also maintained ties with Nisei — Japanese — Americans - orking in American defense plants and serving in the army and navy.” This short part in my book was interesting to me because Japan just wanted to work with African Americans so it can cause trouble with the U.S. They wanted the U.S to focus on something so they could attack.

Some things I learned so far is that the United States rounded up most Japanese people and but them in internment camps because they thought the Japanese were just spying on the U.S. I thought this was interesting because some of these people probably just wanted to go to the U.S for a better life but their getting thrown in camps.

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