Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Quarter 2 Reflection

The most challenging part of second quarter was all using my time right. I feel like when I had homework I wouldn’t use my time wisely and work on it last minute. So I want to start working on scheduling my time and not waiting last minute. Even though I always got my work done I felt like I didn’t put as much effort as I should have with my work and time. Starting next quarter I will work on my homework early so each night I’m not stressing about work or missing assignments.

An era I think I improved in ELA is my word usage. I feel since I started to do vocabulary I have a better range of words. When we get vocabulary I usually don’t know any of the words, so it’s nice to get to learn words that mean something I already knew. Also the vocabulary has help me right better when I need a different word so I don’t repeat anything. Vocabulary has become a big part of my life in ELA.

Some strategies that I use to help me are color coding, and writing things down in my notebook. These help me because when I use color it helps me remember because it pops out to me. Also just writing down things to help me understand because I write it down and talk about it in class. Strategies have been really helpful in this class.

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