Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The Finger Prints (SOL19)

Once my dresser was built my little brother Jeremiah came into my room. When he came in he saw the mirror by the dresser. Jeremiah went straight to the mirror and was looking at himself. He thought it would be funny and start putting his little baby fingers on the mirror. He started making his adorable baby laugh when ever I told him to stop but he wouldn’t stop. Next thing you knew there were greasy baby finger prints on my new mirror. I didn’t want to get mad at him because he looked so cute and innocent but trust me I was mad. Do your siblings ever annoy you, if they do what do they do to annoy you?


  1. Aww that’s cute, my little sister does the same but she puts here greasy hands on my phone and runs away with it.

  2. That is cute, but I would be mad too.

  3. Now you gotta clean that mirror! and yes, siblings annoy, thats whats part of their job description. My sister and I are really good now, but we used to fight all the time when we were little!