Thursday, March 14, 2019

Red Scarf Girl🧣

The book I am reading is called Red Scarf Girl. So far the book is really good because when you read you can tell how Ji-li feels. I love the book because it makes you think about things you wouldn’t have think that would happen in the story. Also when I’m reading I am learning new things I never new about China (that’s where the book takes place). The book is also very sad because many terrible things happen and Ji -li stays strong but sometimes she breaks down and I can feel for her in a way. Sometimes when I read some parts make me mad and others make me sad and feel bad for her. Right now in my book Ji -li is going through many things and feelings. I can’t wait to finish the book because so much happens.

My groups book club conversations are going really well. All of us communicate very well together and we listen to each other. Also, we always have things to talk about because the book is so good. Another thing I like about my book club conversations are we always have theories about what is happening next because so many things in Red Scarg Girl happen out of no where. We all get also good with each other so we make the conversations interesting not boring. Having Kimberly,Andreia,Sarah,and Citlali in my group makes things easy because I can talk to them and not be shy.


  1. I agree that our club conventions aren’t boring there actually really interesting.

  2. Awesome how we’re all friends and we can talk to each other in the book club group and not feel weird are shy.

  3. Your group is doing AMAZING work with book club :-) Great job in this post, too!