Monday, February 25, 2019

Vanished in IKEA (SOL19)

We ran into IKEA as the wind was pulling us we were all together. Once my mom,aunt,stepdad,cousin, and I went to the dresser section we were looking at different types of dressers. As I found one I liked I showed my aunt and cousin when I went to tell my mom she was gone. My mom and stepdad vanished out of nowhere. I turned around and told my aunt “there gone” she said “what do you mean their gone.” So all three of us started walking around to see if we can find them. After about 30 minutes we still couldn’t find them, we were getting frustrated. While we kept on walking I got a phone call from my stepdad. He told me there were all the way by the kids section. When I was telling my aunt where they were she looked frustrated. She said “there all the way on the other side of the store.”  We kept on walking until we finally saw two familiar faces. Once we saw them my cousin said “finally” and we all started laughing. While we were laughing we were finding are way out of IKEA.


  1. Great slice of life could totally relate to being left at the store.

  2. Loved you slice also the way you described your story.

  3. Small moment, a perfect slice! Love how you included dialog. But did you get a dresser?! (also love how you designed your blog!)