Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Holocaust Book Club Reflections

In the book Night, Learning the life of Elie Wiesel taught me some things to put in my life. Like how he was brave and strong, I feel like in my life I need to be brave and strong like Elie. In the book it talks about how his leg almost had to be amputated but yet he still walked miles in the freezing cold with only one foot able to walk on. He was also strong because he went days without eating just to make sure his father got enough food so he could live. I want to be like Elie because no matter what he went through he was brave. I want to be brave because I feel like a lot of times I let people’s words get to me and I don’t stand up for myself.  Elie also was brave for his father and that makes me want to be brave for my friends and family.

The choices people made during the Holocaust impact our choices today because it shows that not all choices are good and they all choices are chosen by ourself. When the Holocaust started that was Hitlers choice to go against jews and make others believe different. Everyone during that period of time made choices that were either good or bad and that impacted the world after the Holocaust. For example thousands of people dying, people loosing their homes and families. That shows not all choices are good and that can impact themselves or the world today.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020


         When reading the book Night by Elie Wiesel I have had different feelings. In the beginning of the book I was surprised by what was happening because it was very shocking what happened to Elie and his family. The part of the book I just read I was really sad because of what was happening to the Jews. They were taken out of the camps during winter and they were all freezing. While Elie had a bad injury with his leg and couldn’t feel it. He also had to walk in the snow with his leg messed up.

         If I could talk to the author I would have a few questions. One question I would ask Mr.Wiesel is how did it feel to be separated from your mother and sisters? Also, during the camps did you ever get to have time to yourself and not just work all the time? Lastly a question I have is when your leg was almost amputated did you ever just feel like letting it get cut off from all the pain?

     A problem Elie faced in the book night was being separated from his mom and sister. In the beginning they got to ride the train together but when the got to the camp Elie only had his dad with him by his side. Ever since that Elie has made sure his dad was safe and always by his side. Another problem Elie faced was his leg. During winter Elie’s legged almost had to be amputated and the pain he was feeling was bad. He also had to walk in the snow with a messed up leg.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Berlin Memorial

I learn that through out 1933- 1942 many laws were placed on hews. In the beginning of the years Nazis banned Jews from work places or activities. For example Jews were expelled from playing in sports clubs and German chess club. By 1939 Jews started to have curfews and not allowed to leave there homes so that was a big issue. In 1942 things were worst Jews had food banned from them and they couldn’t have some important food.

The monument was built to show people how important this part of history was. It shows what the Jews had to go through during the Holocaust. It shows because it gives the real laws and has a picture to represent the law and how it effected people. Also it represents a devastating time when people had to lose so many things to make others feel more powerful.

I noticed that throughout the years there were many different laws passed. When it first began in 193d many Jews were banned from activists or jobs. Later on in the years Jews had restrictions on them and couldn’t go to certain areas. Also children were not allowed to go to public school, they had to go to a school with only Jews. By 1942 the laws were more harsh, Jews were not allowed to have many things that were useful. Like Food, shelter, special items.

A restriction I would have trouble with would be that you were not allowed to have pets. This would be a hard one for me because I loved my dog. My dog Cujo meant everything to me because I had him for a long time and it would be devastating to know he would get taken and be killed. Another restriction that would be hard is that they were not allowed to use public transportation. This would be hard because it would be hard for me to get around places and if they were far from where I live.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Quarter 2 Reflection

The most challenging part of second quarter was all using my time right. I feel like when I had homework I wouldn’t use my time wisely and work on it last minute. So I want to start working on scheduling my time and not waiting last minute. Even though I always got my work done I felt like I didn’t put as much effort as I should have with my work and time. Starting next quarter I will work on my homework early so each night I’m not stressing about work or missing assignments.

An era I think I improved in ELA is my word usage. I feel since I started to do vocabulary I have a better range of words. When we get vocabulary I usually don’t know any of the words, so it’s nice to get to learn words that mean something I already knew. Also the vocabulary has help me right better when I need a different word so I don’t repeat anything. Vocabulary has become a big part of my life in ELA.

Some strategies that I use to help me are color coding, and writing things down in my notebook. These help me because when I use color it helps me remember because it pops out to me. Also just writing down things to help me understand because I write it down and talk about it in class. Strategies have been really helpful in this class.

Friday, January 10, 2020

The Secret War

So far in my book I read about how when Germans,Japanese,and U.S were  preparing for war some people were spies for each other. There was a man named Admiral Wilhelm Canaris was in the German army. People think he helped his allies because he thought Hitler and his Nazi party was bad for Germany. “ Canaris presided over an organization with three main arms.  Abwehr I was the espionage arm, collecting information from German and foreign who operated in the major cities of Europe, the Near East and the United States.” Canaris decided to spy on his own people because he didn’t like how Hitler and the Nazi party was.  Many other people were spies too. For example, Ogawa set up networks to spy on Hawaii so he had more information on the fleet. Even committees were putting German spies out of business so they can work for the British.

Something I found interesting was how the Japanese wanted to work with blacks just to have trouble with the United States. “ The Japanese hopes the work with the blacks would lead to racial troubles that, as one of their messages to Tokyo put it, would ‘stall the program of U.S. plans for national defense.’ Terasaki people also maintained ties with Nisei — Japanese — Americans - orking in American defense plants and serving in the army and navy.” This short part in my book was interesting to me because Japan just wanted to work with African Americans so it can cause trouble with the U.S. They wanted the U.S to focus on something so they could attack.

Some things I learned so far is that the United States rounded up most Japanese people and but them in internment camps because they thought the Japanese were just spying on the U.S. I thought this was interesting because some of these people probably just wanted to go to the U.S for a better life but their getting thrown in camps.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Intro of Me

  Hi, I’m Mia and I am a shy person when it comes to meeting new people. But once you get to know me I can be outgoing. I love to hang out with friends and family. I have always been a shy person but since I have been meeting the amazing people I call my friends I’ve been coming out of my shell.

 I’m really into fashion. I started getting into fashion this year and making my clothing unique. Even though I’m a shy person I like to show people I can stand out with my outfits. Just adding some vibrant color makes me happy with my self. I love to wear neon Clothing, 90’s vibe looks, and different clothing than what people would expect.